Why Politicians manipulate and lie

“The real charater of a man is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out”

When there is no vision people perish….

Everywhere and everytime you hear people complaining about politicians lying or manipulating them. But folks never realized that the deceived and deceiver are the same. People are politicians and politicians are people. I don’t think politicians are demonstrating peculiar traits that are different from how people behave.

Does this mean everyone lies or manipulates? Not really, at least not all people lie or manipulate all or most of the time. However, it is rare to find honest and non-manipulative creature on earth. Of course there are rare creatures who are considered honest or truthful.

Then, you might ask, what is the drift?  Yes, politicians lie or manipulate because they believe it has and will continue to influence the outcome they desire. They do so because people always or most often than not fall for the politician manipulation. Many times, you hear some people complaining they do not have time to pay attention. Those who have time will always have control and the passive will continue to complain, while the active continue to campaign (falsely or truly) and influence the winds of change.

What is the way out – people need to wake up and take more responsibilities for themselves and stop relying on others to think and do things for them. Unless you are a participant, you cannot control how the game is played.

to be continued….


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