When the world sing

When the world sing

Oh when the world sing ….

The winds move

From the west to east

And the ocean rise,

From the North to south

The children smile

It’s a loving moment ‘n time


Oh when the world sing …

The winds echo

With a tranquil sound

The ocean rejoice

With a smoothing flow

The animal flock in unison

Peace is felt in the nations.


Let’s rejoice for the new day

That the Lord had made

For the light had subdued the darkness


Oh when the world sing …

Purity of the little ones gladden the heart

Where art thou little one goes

They run up the hill for joy


Oh when the world sing …

Here comes the shadow of joy

Oh ye light hearted and gracious

You’re the reasons for life                       ———————————–March 30, 2007

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