The Current Trends in Employment Jobs

Our present generation is already very far from the previous industrial era where people focus on blue collar jobs and production as a means of improving the economy. However, since production is still very important because it dictates the growth of a business, most industries have shifted to the way they have faced with growth and development. People also became very particular with self-growth, professional development and the need to excel in their field. Coupled with the rise of technology, we have seen that people now occupy mostly health care and information technology jobs. The increased privatization of industries also reduces the number of government jobs and leads to an increase of employees in the private sector.

Nothing is permanent in this world and even the best jobs that we have today may be scraped off from the list of best jobs in the future. So if you are concerned of the upcoming years, better prepare yourself in handling newer employment jobs and careers. The following are actually the top ten best jobs 5 to 10 years from now:

1. Actuaries

A person in this industry analyses the cost of risk for organizations and individuals using financial theory and statistics. Organizations and businesses are becoming more particular at reducing the costs of risk so an actuary will actually make the projections to keep the costs of risks at minimum. At present, there is a current estimate of 13,000 open actuarial jobs in the United States. In the next years to come until the year 2020, the number may increase to more than 18,000. The median annual wage for this is about $87,650 with a high value for work because of the role in forecasting company loses.

2. Statisticians

Statisticians are also one of the future in demand employment jobs. Statistics covers every industry and with the increasing need for people to assist in the collection and analysis of data, any statistician will be getting one of the highest paying jobs in the future. A statistician can earn an annual salary of $ 72,830

3. Market research analysts

Market research is already popular today, but look at how this job will even soar high in the future. The internet just keeps on expanding on the services that it can offer. This means that more market research analysts will be needed. This can offer an annual salary of $60, 750

4. Marketing Specialists

After researching the market, a marketing strategy should be formulated. So working hand-in-hand with a research analyst is a marketing specialist. The same remuneration may be received, but commissions can also increase as the actual market increases.

5. Health care workers

Well, the health industry is one that will not decline because every country needs health care workers for the aging population as well as to those needing special treatments from new emerging diseases. Nurses and health care aides have the highest potential to grow more in the future. An average health care worker earns a minimum of $60,000 a year that increases with time.

6. Skilled workers

Skilled workers are also one of the best employment jobs in the future because jobs that need hands on presence may never be scraped off. Skilled workers usually earn a lot because their skills are the most essential tools in the provision of goods and services to the public. These employment jobs may include carpenters, machine operators, welders, physicians, nurses, teachers and others.

7. Dental hygienists

There is a projected rise in the number of this workforce by 37% by the year 2020. Various studies have linked the possible role of dental health to overall health so dental hygienists will be in demand in the future. One can earn a minimum wage of $66,000 annually with this kind of employment jobs.

8. Veterinarians

Aside from human health, animal health will also be more taken into consideration in the near future. In this line, veterinarians may be soaring high because of the need for food inspection and animal or livestock sanitation and many others. Veterinarians can earn an average of $82,000 annually with this occupation.

9. Biomedical Engineers

Biomedical Engineers will also be one of the best IT jobs as well as engineering jobs in the future because of the increased need of artificial organs and other medical devices for health care. An annual salary of more than $60,000 is not bad for this fulfilling career.

10. Customer service representatives

Well, to complement the IT and market industry, CSRs are also one of the fastest growing employment jobs that will even be higher in the year 2020.

These best employment jobs in the future really prove that high skills and knowledge will help you transcend generations because skilled workers never get obsolete.

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