Team Formation and Kick-off Meeting(s)

Team Formation and Kick-off Meeting(s)

Initial core team formation is a key prerequisite for the development of an integrated project plan and vital to running the project successfully. The resource requirements should be established as part of the project cost estimation and can be updated, due to other changing factors such as requirements scope and inflation.

Project team resources or members may be acquired internally and/or externally. External resources are acquired as consulting services via procurement process. Internal team resource could be obtained through the established resource sharing arrangement or negotiation with the resource managers or through the portfolio capacity planning exercise (the preferred method). Sometimes service, instead of resource, is procured to deliver part of the project or the entire project.

Once the core team members have been assigned and other stakeholders identified, you are ready to arrange and conduct the project kick-off meeting(s), with the goal of establishing a shared vision, common understanding of the project mandate and consequently developing the integrated project plan.

Key steps to a successful kick-off meeting include:

  • Establish clear meeting agenda. The project charter, or project agenda/mandate in the absence of a formalized project charter, is a key input to the kick-off meeting. Information from the project charter should be extracted into a presentation format or the project agenda document.
  • Identify and invite key participants.
  • Provide coordination and facilitation to ensure orderliness and avoid derailment of the meeting to keep things on track.
  • Brainstorm, analyze and decide. Separate ideas/options generation from analysis in order to take advantage of diverse and alternate ideas/options.
  • Obtain agreements and ensure commitment to the project agenda/mandate.
  • Document discussions, follow-up on action items and resolve issues/concerns.
  • Communicate documentation and reports to participants.
  • Obtain feedback and conduct follow-up sessions, if required.


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