Projects Interdependency

Projects interdependency is an important aspect of project management. It is a key factor in the successful project delivery. There could be project interdependencies between your project and other projects within and outside the organization, or between your project and others within a large project or program. It is important to identify the interdependencies between projects to determine their impacts on your project and your project impacts on them.

Establishing projects interdependency enables you to understand and focus on your primary responsibilities and identify areas not under your control where you need help from, that is other projects or projects’ activities you depend on to complete your assignment. Projects interdependency will be discussed further in the later section (see Figure 41). Table 12 includes a reference or link to the projects interdependency template.

Figure 41: Projects interdependency

project interdependency

project interdependency

Table 12 – Project Delivery Interface Template (right click and select “Save link as…”

Project Delivery | PPM_ProjectDeliveryInteface.doc | a checklist for projects interdependency.

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