Project Interface and Dependency

Project Interface and Dependency

A project may have interfaces and interdependencies with other projects, organizations, technologies and partners. It is important to understand the nature of these dependencies and their implications for your project. Collaborate with the affected stakeholders to manage these interdependencies.

Key project interdependency attributes to record and manage include:

  • Interface type, projects involved, organization, technology etc.
  • Interface description
  • Relationship – formal or informal
  • Expectations – deliverables
  • When to deliver the expected deliverables
  • Key contacts
  • Status and remarks

Table 6 includes a reference or link to a project interface document template.

 Table 6  – Project Interface Template

Template: PPMGuideProjectManagementPPM_ProjectInterface.doc


Project interface and dependency is discussed further in part 6 (Managing Outcome – Deliver Result).


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