Project governance


Project governance

Project governance is the harmonization of processes, roles and responsibilities, and resources to facilitate the successful delivery of projects and other organization activities, including service delivery and customer support. Organizations establish governance at different levels of responsibilities to facilitate service excellence and free information exchange.

Figure 6 shows a project governance overview at the corporate, strategic business unit, portfolio, project and operational levels, and the relationship between them. A well thought-out governance facilitates successful delivery of projects. Effective, performing and value driven organizations ensure that governance at different levels have clearly defined interfaces with unambiguous roles and responsibilities. The goal is to maximize scarce resources and reduce product delivery turn-around time or time to the market.Leadership discipline across the organization facilitates value creation and organization effectiveness.

A project manager should understand the established organization governance in order to manage project effectively. Also, to enable the successful delivery of projects, ensure the establishment of steering groups with authority to make timely decisions.

Figure 6 – project governance Overview


Project Portfolio Governance
Project Governance

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