Project Deliverables Checklist

Project deliverables checklist provides a quick overview of the project deliverables, which can be used as a tracking tool. It may also include the key responsible and accountable parties to ensure timely completion of the project deliverables or to achieve the milestones. Maintaining one comprehensive checklist, for tracking, enables the project manager to be on top of the key activities, deliverables and emerging issues.


A project deliverables checklist can be organized or categorized by project management and product delivery management process groups. You can track the project progress using the checklist and the milestones timeline. You may drill down, using the project schedule, to track details, particularly when you detect signals or control thresholds which may impact project delivery time, cost or quality. A concise checklist for tracking the project deliverables or milestones completion, responsibility and accountability, including the delegation of authority, is critical to staying focus and on track. Table 13 includes a reference or link to the project control checklist template.

Table 13 – Project deliverables checklist template


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