Project and Product Delivery Management

The emphasis on project and product delivery management is to show the importance of the subject matter expertise required in each discipline and their overlapping relationships that are required to deliver the desired project outcome.

Project management is the discipline of planning, controlling, monitoring, executing and closing a project. It provides management oversight for product delivery. A project manager does not have to be, and not usually, the subject matter expert of the product the project has been mandated to develop and deliver.

Product delivery management is the application of specific industry processes or frameworks to obtain and analyze product requirements, design, develop and deliver a product into a production or commercialization state. The product delivery management processes are layered with the project management processes, and together they provide a unified delivery methodology.

Product delivery management delivers the outcome of the project through effective project management. A product delivery manager, responsible for the product delivery, is usually a lead subject matter expert or a product development lead who has solid end-to-end understanding of the product design and development processes. He/she coordinates the design and development resource efforts to accomplish project delivery goals. For projects with simplified requirements and lower risks, the same person may play both the role of the project manager and the product delivery manager.

Figure 11 shows the relationship between project and product delivery management. The goal of project management is to ensure timely and cost effective delivery of a product or set of products. The goal of product delivery management is to deliver the right product in order to fulfill the overall goal of the project. Project management is industry independent; product delivery management is industry specific. Examples of industries include information technology, sales, service, construction, manufacturing – chemicals, pharmaceutical etc.

project and product delivery management

project and product delivery management

 Figure 11 – Project & Product Delivery Management Relationship

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