Project Agenda | Mandate

Project Agenda | Mandate

The project agenda is the first working document (optional, but recommended) you should create when you are assigned to play the role of a project manager or lead a project. You may call it a name that makes sense to you, the key here is the purpose and content of the document. It enables the project manager to have a good understanding of the project goals, scope, deliverables, cost and time constraints, and stakeholders’ expectations. This working document will be useful in creating or updating other key project documents, such as project charter and integrated project plan, and managing the project. It is particularly useful in a situation where the project charter has not been created.

The components of the project agenda document include:

§   Project profile: includes project name, enterprise unique number or ID, goal, description, approved project budget, time constraint, project manager, sponsor, champion and client’s organization.

§   High level deliverables: list of deliverables required to deliver the desired outcome.

§   Stakeholders’ information: includes stakeholders’ contact information and stakeholder-influence matrix (discussed in Part 4 – Project Management, see page 74).

§   Communication checklist: includes stakeholder group information needs, format and frequency.


Table 9 includes a reference or link to the project agenda template.


Table 9 – Project Agenda Template




Depending on the project, some of the contents of the project agenda document could be extracted from the project charter (if it exists) and rolled over to the integrated project plan document.

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