It is very valuable to know who to call and seek help from when you are in challenging or tough situations. Establishing personal and professional links could serve you well. The goal here is to emphasize the value of networking.

Your networks include the internal and external parties who could become great asset to you in your professional life. So seize opportunities to develop and build on them. It could be through personal and professional contact or online contact (for example, social networking like, etc.). It does not cost you much; just pay some attention to it and it will pay off sometime. It is not usually one way, you may have something to offer to others, based on your experience, capability and skills, and others in your networks know it.

Identifying and seeking counsel from others, as a coach and/or a mentor, pays. Explore them in your workplace, professional gathering and other great avenues. Maintain good contact list of people in your networks. Keep networking at professional and social level, avoiding becoming part of a gossip network, political or rivalry camp within the organization.


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