Mission and Scope

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”                Albert Einstein

This section presents a practical real life guide that facilitates effective management and successful delivery of projects of all sizes and goal oriented activities, at all times.

This guide provides a clear path on how to navigate from strategy to project delivery (realization). Its focus is on what and how of effective project management. It describes the generic and practical processes, deliverables, people, techniques and tools and, most importantly, good practices for project and business management professionals, business managers and executives.

It complements standard industry project and business management methodologies. It provides guidance on how to navigate from strategy to portfolio management and project management. Its focus is not on strategy development and portfolio management. It is presented in a consistent style that enables the user to effectively use and adapt the practical processes, techniques, tools and good practices to successfully manage projects.

Most of the approaches, processes, techniques, tools and good practices in this guide are those that I have used practically to successfully deliver projects of different sizes. I believe you will find them useful, adaptable and effective for managing and delivering your projects.

This guide is guaranteed to be filled with substance and no fluffy stuff. All statements, charts and templates have been carefully constructed and presented to make practical sense to the reader. The contents were written based on extensive research, personal knowledge and experience, which make the guide realistic and practically useful. References were made to industry practices and knowledge base to ensure consistency and complementary presentation. The sequence of the presentation provides a good understanding of project management practices within the context of the overall organization’s business framework.

The term “good practices” is used in this book, instead of “best practices”. I do not want to assume that the suggested practices are the only way to get things done, rather as preferred and well tested practices which have yielded quality results. Also, alternatives or better practices emerge all the time and I do not want the readers to lose sight of that.



Deliver projects successfully at all times

If you cannot imagine it, that is seeing a clear path from the start to the end, do not commit to it. You should always have the end in mind as your driver for success. Move from imagination to envisioning, to architecture/design, to development and to realization.

Project management is about planning, managing and implementing an endeavour, with a clearly defined outcome. The desired outcome should be clearly defined before the project is initiated. Besides research, excluded from this discussion, it is rare for anyone to commit to or pay for an unknown outcome. An event without a clear definition of the outcome could be considered as a gamble.

A project may be stopped or cancelled due to legitimate reasons, particularly those that are outside the control of the project. For instance, a project may be stopped because of a product in development whose latest value assessment could no longer deliver a real commercial value. The goal is to ensure that, within the project control, projects are managed and delivered successfully, external or exogenous factors permitting. Most projects that failed are because some people, most often, fail to learn before, during and after the event. Cooperative effort of the stakeholders, consistent application of practical methods, techniques, tools and good practices facilitate all-time successful delivery of projects.

Target Audience

This guide is for the executives, business managers, project management professionals, training institutions, organizations and those who require concise, definitive and effective practical processes, techniques, tools, templates and good practices to deliver successful projects at all times.

It is for those who are serious about consistently delivering projects successfully. If the processes, techniques, tools and good practices presented are seriously considered and applied, you will reap many benefits.

Specifically, the following groups will find this guide a valuable resource to learn, refresh and sharpen their understanding of project management in the context of the overall business strategy, management and operations:

  • Business executives and managers.
  • Project managers/leaders – new, intermediate and experience levels.
  • Project team members – subject matter experts, engineers, architects, business analysts, policy analysts and other professionals who perform activities that contribute to achieving the desired project outcome.
  • Students and training institutions – for learning and teaching project management practice.


Caution – What you will get

“Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.”       Albert Einstein


Having a big picture is great. However, if you cannot manage small things, which constitute or make up the big thing, effectively you will be making it challenging to realize your vision and goals. If you cannot manage a project successfully, managing a program and portfolio could be a nightmare, leading to frustration. Effective strategic thinking and actions, and effective project management complements each other.

No single book or any amount of reading can make you a seasoned project manager or business manager. However, good practical books, like this one, can enhance your practice. This will enable you to consistently deliver projects successfully.

You may find things in this guide that you really like or disagree with, particularly those things that may seem out of the norm. I acknowledge and respect basic principles, scholars’ contributions and diverse opinions. However, I like to think outside the box sometimes and share things that I have tried, some of which may not be familiar to some, but of great value to delivering successful outcomes. You may treat them as the personal opinion or advice of the author, which is subjected to challenge like any other expression of knowledge and experience.

My promise: You will find this guide to be one of the most effective and useful practical guide on project management; a perfect addition to your library.



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