Microsoft Security Essentials

If you are thinking of installing Microsoft Security Essentials, but you are not sure if it would be an ideal choice, then this write up is for you. In this article we are going to discuss about the relevance of Microsoft security essentials.

Being connected to internet usually makes an individual computer vulnerable to some sorts of hacking attacks. The attacks are normally coordinated via malicious software programs that are transmitted through the internet.

Installing an antivirus software program on the computer is no longer being taken as a matter of choice. It’s a necessity for all the computer users. Among the very many types of antivirus programs that are currently available in the market, Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the newest options.

Among the many novel things about this type of program, is that it has being discovered by Microsoft and it is being distributed for free. Let us now have a look at an overview of the Microsoft Security Essential review.

Microsoft Security Essentials Review

The following review will enable you know whether it is ideal to rely on this standalone antivirus software program on your computer. Here are important tips about Microsoft Security Essentials;

Tip#1: System Requirements

One essential condition that you must adhere to for this program to work on your PC is that you must have a genuine Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP operating system installed.

Tip#2: Installation

Low system resource usage usually is the prime USP being used for this software program. During installation, MSE normally runs a check to detect the genuine Windows license. Once such a test is passed, the installation process takes place first.

Tip#3: Scanning

MSE basically provides different scanning options for the computer that includes a full, custom and quick scan. Quick scans are only ideal in checking the most vulnerable computer parts, and normally take 5-9 minutes to execute.

A full scan normally takes longer, and it always depends on the total numbers and density of files that are present on the hard drive.

Tip#4: Security Features

Microsoft Security Essential offers an effective and essential protection that safeguards most of the critical components of Windows OS. It is a dynamic signature service designed to locate and neutralize any harmful programs, before they’re executed.

In latest versions, a feature by the name Automatic Remediation has been put in order to clean out any of the serious threats automatically, without necessarily requiring user intervention. Let us now have a look at some of the benefits of using windows security in your computer.

Benefits of Using Windows Security Essentials

The following are some of the benefits you are likely to reap from installing windows security essentials in your computer. They include;

*It is a Strong Detector Gadget

Microsoft Security has scored very high in the virus detection tests that have been researched by many websites.

*It has got a very high malware detection rate

This makes it to be considered as among the best free antivirus software programs that are currently available in the market.

Last but not the least; Microsoft Security Essential is a choice for the individuals who are in need of the most prolific basic security features.

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