Marriage in modern world

Marriage has been regarded as a union of love to promote healthy family living. It demands commitments from the parties involved to make it really a healthy relationship and promote family life that projects into the overall well being of the society… However, this has changed over the years.. Why is it so? you may ask. The reasons could be many and diversed.

Demand of life, survivals and greed contributed a great deal to the collapse of marriages and the willingness and ability of able people to embrace marriage. An hungry person is an angry person… someone with no or scarce means of livelihood will find it difficult to embark on such journey. This can be managed or overcome through perseverance and tenacity to make a living despite the challenges of modern life.

Another major factor that stands in the way of marriages or willingness to embrace marriage is the human egos… for women and men. Most women are in the world of so much illusion and fantasy, as well as in a state of resentment due to past history or feeling of being victims, which translate into so much or endless drama that can scare or turn-off any decent and peace loving man from daring into any form of association with such women. Some people need complete reprogramming of their brain and soul to flush out corrupted believes about other. The men egos may be born out of the macho tendencies which may override sound sense of reasoning and responsibility.

The way to come out of this trance is sound humility, sincerity and willingness to make sense of marriage… Otherwise, it could be a forgone conclusion if folks are only interested in themselves alone, trying to eat their cake and try to have it. The modern (somewhat wishy-washy) life style does not promote healthy relationship required to sustain marriage. Anyone may try to make sense out of nonsense by trying to rationalize this issue. The truth is: the fundamental chemical reactions and considerations to make marriage possible or work have not changed and will not change, no matter how people try to change themselves and their life style. You can’t have it until you give it – that is the truth about love and commitment that a genuine relationship requires!


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