Looking for love in wrong places

How many times have you seen folks looking for partners in interesting places  – bars, clubs, joints, etc.? A man (decent or jerk) rarely look for serious partner in such locations. Some may pretend as if it is cool, but inside them they know it is only for fun… expect nothing serious to come out of it. You may say, it worked for someone you know, but it is an extreme rare case… Hence if you want to bank your hope on such an extremely rare occurrence… good luck. I just pity ladies who thinks men at those locations have any serious regards for them. I am not talking about professional or business clubs, with a different set of goals.

Men who go to those places, with rare exceptions, go there to enjoy themselves and let loose. Even some of those men desire decent women they can respect and establish a reliable relationship with. Bad guys desire bad gal only for the moment/night, not in the long term, so beware and do not be deceived. Look, I know folks in these categories, don’t be under any illusion to believe otherwise. I also know women who have been in such company for years and their situations have not changed. When you change your ways your situation will change, for it is insanity doing the same thing and expecting a different result. It is not because they are bad, it is just that they did not get it that looking for love in wrong places will not get you one.


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