Research | Fact Finding

Research – Fact Finding

Research skills could be applied to small, medium and large undertakings and may span short to long time to complete. The goal is to explore and come up with a solution to a problem or situation.

Key steps to a successful research include:

§  Identify and describe the key issues that need to be addressed.

§  Define and establish the research objectives. These objectives are critical to the success of the research outcome.

§  Determine data/information sources and types.

§  Determine research approach (qualitative and/or quantitative).

§  Design the research method (data gathering, study, survey etc.).

§  Collect/gather the required data.

§  Analyze data.

§  Report outcome.


Each step must be handled with due diligence to avoid research errors and avoid faulty or inaccurate outcome reporting. Research goal is to report the fact, not working from the answer to the question.


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