Infrastructure Delivery Methodology

Infrastructure Delivery Methodology

Infrastructure includes hardware and software (operating system, middle ware, support and utility software). It is the platform on which the business solutions (application and data) run. It requires specific or customized fit-for-purpose methodology to ensure consistent delivery and sustenance.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library, currently at version 3) is a de-facto service delivery and management framework which can be used or customized to deliver and manage infrastructure products and services. Also, the RUP methodology can be adapted to deliver infrastructure projects.

Basically, infrastructure product or service delivery follow these processes – inception (requirements specification), design/capacity planning, acquisition of equipment, software and service support, implementation and transition to operations.

Figure 25 shows an infrastructure delivery framework.

Figure 25 – Infrastructure Delivery


SLA è Service Level Agreement is the service support or sustainment (contractual) agreement between an organization and the (third party) service delivery partner or organization.

OLA è Operational Level Agreement is the service support or sustainment (contractual) agreement between the service delivery teams within the same organization. For example, an OLA may exist between the application development/maintenance and technology/hosting service delivery teams. 

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