General Security, Global Security, Asset and People Security

The term security is usually related to protecting the important human and infrastructure resources from the attacks of the physical and cyber criminals. The sole aim of the criminals is to breach the security and get access to the human and infrastructure resources. In order to safeguard and protect these vital resources, certain measures are required to be put in place. These measures form the basis of the different standards and internal controls that are laid out for different forms of security including Asset security, People Security and Global Security

Asset Security

One of the foremost concerns of any business entity is to safely secure the valuable assets of their organization. The security of the business assets is under greater threat with the increasing number of cyber attacks. Safeguarding business> assets is one of the primary concerns of the top management and this is accomplished by strengthening the internal security. The business assets can be in the form of key infrastructure resources such as the internal company network or the data related to the business. It is imperative for the business owners to create certain level of access control to secure the business assets and provide adequate asset security. This is usually done by using certain tools that would enable to create such access control mechanisms

People Security

When it comes to people security it is mostly to do with providing security in the form of a physical guard for a valuable human resource. This is particularly true for high profile personalities in the political arena, Business leaders, people working in embassies in politically sensitive locations and Scientists. The security threat can come either from within the country where the person is living or from some distant foreign land.

National Security

This is the security threat faced by a country as a whole. Thus strict security measures are taken at points where the people from other countries enter the country, which is at a security risk. Airport Security forms a part of the National Security. Another form of National security is the security advice given to people travelling from a particular country to a politically unstable country. Some times diplomats serving in foreign countries are called back to their native country due to increased security threat posed to diplomats and the tourists visiting a particular country.

Security Essentials

There are many training programs available to provide training on the various security essentials that would safeguard both the assets and the people in the organization. Organizations are ready to spend any amount to train certain sections of their employees in Security Essentials. But most of times, they end up choosing the wrong program, thereby spending huge amounts without getting the required benefits. Organizations have to look at certain programs that provide in-depth training to their employees on the different techniques and skills required for protecting the organization assets. The security essentials program would create a security road map that would not only help in creating strict controls in the present state , but also would help in scaling up the security related procedures in future. The program should be endorsed by national level security bodies such as the Committee on National Security Systems. There are a number of global certification programs available such as GCIH that focuses on incident handling and GCIA that focuses on intrusion analysis and detection.

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