Future and Current Best Jobs in the Industry

What are the best future jobs to make life comfortable? This is a common question asked by students across the globe. At present, there are several sites available to assist people in search of best future jobs. Availability of data is one of the main factors increasing the demand of jobs in market. Today, almost all companies are in search of employees that can handle their businesses in profit. Apart from data availability, aging population is another factor deciding the demand of jobs in market. Following are some of the top recommended best paying jobs in future.

Software Engineers for Computer Applications

Software engineering for cloud computing and mobile applications is one of the top demanded future jobs in the world. People with practical experience and an engineering degree in computer related field can definitely choose this job as their career field. Average annual income of a computer application software engineer is about 100,000 US dollars. Colorado, Virginia and Washington are some of the best recommended states for this future job.

Surgeons and physicians

Medical professionals in certain fields are getting decreased with increase in population. This factor increases the demand of surgeons and physicians in medical field. Studies say that the qualification to become a surgeon in specific field is not an easy task. High payoff is one of the main advantages of this future job. A physician or a surgeon can grab a median income up to $153,000. Salary mainly depends on the type of profession they choose. For example, a neural surgeon owns wages higher than a general practitioner.

Computer System Analyst

Computer system analyst is one among the top listed jobs of the future world. It is the job of system analysts to manage and build computer networks for file sharing in offices. This job of the future requires a bachelor’s degree or certifications with high school diploma for qualification. Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware are some of the states with high jobs per capita. Average or median income salary of a computer system analyst is about $77740.

Market Research Analyst

Similar to System Analyst, Market Research Analyst is another best recommended job of the future. Professionals of this future career work to give insight into specific audiences and demographics. Market research analyst owns a median income of around $60,570. Delaware, Massachusetts and District of Columbia are some of the best recommended states for this future career.

Civil Engineers

According to studies, it is found that the number of civil engineering jobs will increase at a rate of two and a half times faster than other jobs of the future. By the year 2018, there will be around 70,000 new civil engineering jobs in US. Best recommended states with good per capita include Alaska and Colorado.

Personal Financial Advisors

Professionals in this future career are responsible to assist people with their insurance, investments and taxes. Studies say that the number of financial advisor jobs will get increased by more than 60,000 in the near future. This career of the future comes with $64,750 median wage. People in search of states with most per capita can choose Delaware, New York and Connecticut.

Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist with $68,250 median income is one of the best recommended jobs of the future. Professionals in this future career work alongside of dentists to assist them. People interested in this career of the future can study dental hygienist program for four years. Utah, Idaho and Michigan are some of the best recommended states for practicing dental hygienist profession.

Auditors and Accountants

Accountant job position is one of the best recommended jobs in demand in the near future. Factors making this future job in demand include changing financial laws and increased accountability. People interested in this career of the future need certifications in bachelor’s degree to own job. Median wage of this future career is around $61,690.

Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses with $64,690 median income are responsible to manage to works like patient records and medical treatments. South Dakota and Massachusetts are two among the best recommended states for this career of the future.

Management Analyst

Professionals in this career of the future are responsible to maintain fluid inventory and efficiency of companies. By the year 2018, there will be around 178300 Management Analyst jobs in US. Professionals of this future career can earn around $78,160 median income.

Current best jobs in the industry

When searched for the current best jobs in demand, first position will go to Software Engineer with $88,142 median income. Actuary and Human Resources Manager jobs with $88,202 and $99102 median wages hold the second and third positions of jobs in demand. Dental Hygienist with a medium wage of $68109 holds the fourth position in current demanded job. Next position among the current jobs in demand goes to Financial Planner. They own a medium income of around $104,161.
Sixth place among current jobs in demand goes to Audiologist with $67,137. Occupational therapist and online advertising manager with $72,110 and $87255 median incomes are other consequent high demanded careers. Ninth position among the current best jobs goes to Computer System Analyst with $78,148 median income. Last but not the least, Mathematician with $99,191 median wage holds the tenth position in current best jobs.

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