Decision Making

Decision Making

“I never worry about action, but only inaction.”                                                   Winston Churchill

You will always be making decisions about actions to be taken at every stage of the project. No matter the situation you encounter, you cannot afford to do nothing if you want the project to remain active and move forward. There is no room for inaction on a live project, when time is ticking and money is depleting.

Indecision is not an option. It is simply a sign of confusion or incompetence. Some may say indecision or inaction is an option; that is only true for the lame and the confused. If fear of repercussion is preventing you from taking action, seek and ask for help. There are willing folks within your team, unit or organization or other professional colleagues who will share their thoughts and get you out of the confusion and stalemate. You are never alone, except you keep yourself from others, who are willing to help.

For every decision you are about to make, obtain facts from reliable sources and understand the consequences to a reasonable degree. A decision method is dependent on the situation. Decision methods may include any or combinations of the following: negotiate, consult, instruct or direct, mediate etc.

Make a decision and take actions once you have understood and accepted the implications or consequences of the decision.


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