Dating Advice for Men

This article is written to provide common sense and practical advise to men who are sincerely looking to establish a worthwhile relationship with a decent woman. Decent is used, as no one is perfect – seriously, decent is your best bet.

Do not be controlled by your dick – if you do, you will be perfect object of deceptive women’s manipulation.

When a woman put of an indirect act of deception (not responding to your call, pretending she careless etc.) in response to your approach – it could be that she is not interest or she is trying to play safe/hard or she is trying to manipulate you. Playing soft/hard at the initial stage, to be cautious is not a bad thing, some decent women will do that just to be sure of the man’s/guy’s intention. However, if her action is an outright or intentional act of deception or playing hard to get, this is a drama you should be wary of or avoid.

Therefore, detect act of no interest or manipulation. Your response to lack of interest or manipulation should be the same – bail out! If you do not bail out from a drama queen you will have yourself to blame.

Read the article on chemistry, compatibility and trust if you intent to establish a true relationship with a decent woman (non-drama queen).

Do not pursue a woman endlessly, if you respect yourself and do not want to be miserable. The psychology of average women – they are like shadow. If you pursue them, they run for entertainment of it, if you stop the purse or run away they come after you. Whatever the situation, be true to yourself.

Avoid or ignore drama queen or professional game players – it is like an addiction for some, only psycho doctor or therapist may help them, if they admit the issue and are willing to be helped. If you think you can make a difference, you will have yourself to blame. Of course, if you are a jerk or enjoy the thrill of an endless chase or manipulative game, you may consider it as fun to your own peril. Two negative behaviours will always produce negative result.

A decent, mature, intelligent and sincere woman will not play with your head. They are more straightforward regardless of their past. Though no one is perfect, they are usually self confident, thoughtful and respectful. The drama queen is quite the opposite. She is manipulative, lies, thinks she is smart, consider others to be unaware or can be taken for a ride. Such manipulative behaviours could be due to past experience or lack of learning from past experience, bad influence which portray men as all the same or untrustworthy. Ladies that manipulate or are professional game player lack self confidence, somewhat immature and socially bankrupt, they may have hidden past or present life they are not proud of and not willing to share.

Do not establish a long term relationship with a lady who is not willing to share her past, present and future with you. If you do, you do so at your own peril, because you may never know who you live with, she may forever remain a stranger to you. It is very funny, why people want a trusted partnership or relationship with hidden details about each other. A fair contract requires both parties to establish a clear and complete understanding rule of engagement without living in doubt about each others standing.

It is a wonderful world, if we keep it simple and avoid unnecessary human-made complexities.

Good luck!

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