Construction project delivery


Construction projects vary in type, discipline, complexity and size. Construction project types include new product or asset, existing product maintenance and replacement or infrastructure renewals. Some maintenance work, depending on the size and organization, may not be treated as project, but rather as a minor work order, which usually takes less than 30 days to complete. An example of a minor work order is the repairs of a minor fracture on a portion of a local road.

Construction projects usually involve professionals from various disciplines (mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineering, finance, information technology etc.) working together at various stages of the project.

Examples of construction projects include:

§  Transportation – road construction, maintenance or renewal.

§  Housing/Building – home, office, school construction, maintenance or renewal.

§  Factory/industrial construction.

§  Chemicals – flow station, refinery construction, maintenance or renewal.

§  Electrical – new power station, sub-station and new transmission lines.

§  Mechanical – new automobile production or re-branding, new aircraft for department of defense.

 Essentially key processes for a typical construction project include:

§  Requirements – Requirement Specifications.

§  Planning & Conceptual Design.

§  Procurement / Contract Administration.

§  Detailed Design.

§  Construction & Delivery (Acceptance).

§  Commission/Decommission.


Figure 27 shows a construction product delivery management framework. 

Figure 27 – Construction Product Delivery Management


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