Causes of Headaches

What Causes Headaches?

Are headaches giving you sleepless nights? There may be several reasons for this. If you want to know about the various causes of headache, then this write up is for you.

A headache is usually a major hindrance in an individual’s performance. This is because it makes a person, irritable, blind and temperamental to the obvious. Head is among the most common experienced disorders in the world. This condition is normally experienced by individuals of any age group.

Headache can be categorized into different kinds i.e. constant ones, frequent ones or the ones that usually come and go. Headache can also be severe or mild; throbbing or dull. Understanding some of the underlying factors that causes this disorder is very ideal if you want to get relief from it.

Causes of Headaches

The following are some of the factors that are likely to make you experience a headache. They include;


Tension and stress are nowadays parts and parcel of our modern day lifestyle. They are thus found to be among the most prominent factors causing headache. Pervasive stress especially of the recurrent type can make you encounter a headache.

The changing lifestyle, drug and alcohol are some of the factors that may result in stress, and consequently in a frequent headache.

Head Injury

If you suffer from trauma or head injury, they are a likelihood of you experiencing a constant headache or dizziness. Neck injuries can also cause a headache.


Meningitis is a condition that usually occurs when the membrane around a persons’ spinal cord and brain gets infected by virus or bacteria. This is one of the conditions that can make you experience a very severe headache. You should note that bacterial meningitis is more severe that viral one; and may even lead to death if not attended immediately.


Inadequate intake of fluids such as water may result in dehydration and eventually make you experience headache

Medication and Drugs Overdose

Research has shown that excessive consumption of certain drugs such as caffeine can make you encounter constant headaches. Thus, it is ideal that drugs such as painkillers are avoided while treating headache. This is because such drugs may easily lead to a vicious cycle of headaches and thus can end up making the pain to become worse.


Migraine refers to a condition that is marked by recurring and severe headache. This type of pain usually can make an individual feel physically sick. The condition is normally sensitive to movement or light.

In case of migraine, an individual may encounter headache in either one or both parts of his or her head. In some individuals, the pain may even worsen due to strong odors, hormonal changes or even strong odors.

However, you can undertake preventive measures such as stopping alcohol, stress management tips, meditation, yoga, exercises in order to avoid the occurrence of headache.

Last but not the least; in case the condition becomes severe, it is ideal that you consult a doctor with immediate effect. Thank you.

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