Causes and Prevention of Acne

Acne are caused by different factors, the main problem is the unusual development of cells inside your hair follicle. This leads to formation of a blackhead or a plug that hinders normal skin cells, sebum and hair movement. The hair follicle enlarges and eventually raptures and spills out its content of debris and oil causing swelling and eventually inflammation. The main factors that contribute to the development of pimples are accumulation of bacteria, overproduction of sebum and irregular shedding of dead skin cells.


Acne can be genetic if your parents or close relatives had severe pimples you are also likely to develop acne. However, most people don’t develop pimples similar to those of their parents. However, almost everybody develops acne at some stage in their life.


There is a misconception that certain foods such as fried foods, chocolate, pizza and junk foods cause pimples. Although these foods are not ideal for a healthy body they don’t cause pimples. Recent research has shown that certain foods such as chocolate, chips, bagels bread and milk increase blood sugar and can trigger or aggravate pimples. .


Another misconception about the pimple causes is dirt, acne are caused by oxidized oils and not dirt. Sweat cannot cause acne, however, scrubbing your skin hard or using harsh cleansers irritates the skin and can worsen pimples.


During puberty or during pregnancy people often experience hormonal changes which may cause the sebaceous glands to increase and produce more sebum.


Some drugs can either cause or aggravate pimples especially those that contain bromides, iodides and steroids oral or injected. Other drugs that are used to treat bipolar disease such as eskalith and lithobid may also cause pimples.


Other factors that can cause acne include exposure to industrial products such as cutting oils. Cosmetic products may also clog the pores leading to the formation of pimples.

Acne prevention

If you have pimples you should seek pimples medication or any other treatment to get rid of pimples. However, if you haven’t developed them you need acne help on how to prevent them from forming. There are several ways through which you can prevent new pimples from developing through simple self care procedures such as washing your skin gently with a gentle cleanser and avoid picking or touching the affected area. Other prevention measures include washing pimple prone areas at least twice daily. This helps in getting rid of dead skins and excess oils. However too much washing especially with an irritating cleanser may aggravate acne. Use products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to help in drying the excess oil. Heavy foundation makeup clogs the pores and may cause pimples and should therefore be avoided. Make sure that before going to bed you remove the entire makeup so that you can open up the skin pores. Wear loose fitting clothes to prevent friction next to your skin, tight clothes trap heat as well as moisture which may irritate your skin causing pimples. The other way to prevent development of acne is taking a shower after strenuous work to prevent sweat and oil from trapping dirt as well as bacteria.

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