Beauty – Realty and Illusion

Beauty – Realty and Illusion…

The expression of beauty is as old as the planet. Beauty is seen in all creatures. The only unnatural expression of beauty has been perpetrated by humans. Why is this so?

Women generally like to look good, feel good, and be appreciated as looking good (beautiful). No one like to be called ugly, even though some make themselves ugly by their unnatural uterances.

With rare exception, human and other creatures are created beautifully, great and small. Where does human beauty comes from? Why women like to look good? What women are doing or could do to retain their natural beauty? What women do to dis-figure their natural beauty? what can you do to sustain your beauty? Read on for answers (personal opinion).

Human like to look good for good reasons – professionalism (work), friendly belonging, appreciation and attraction by opposite sex, etc. Women like to look good, is not an understatement. The most expensive make-ups are made for and bought by women.

Every make-up product has its bad and good size, if used in moderation. However, the use of make-up by women has done less or no good and more damage to their beauty. This has made some women to be haggardly looking than has ever been seen in human history. No amount of make-up can hide how you truly look. Seeing some women with make-up is completely outrageous, some look like defective barbies from outdated manufacturing plant.

To be honest, no real man will be carried away, may be momentarily, with such fake look from excessive or continuous make-up use that has done more damage than good. The make-up manufacturers have made a klill from uninformed, superficial women who are ignorant of what makes them to look beautiful.

Before I offer advise on how to keep yourself beautiful, you need to know that true and lasting beauty comes from insider. Washing the outside of the plate, does not make it clean, if the inside is still dirty. Ensuring and sustaining your beauty requires discipline in the way you conduct your life. Now, what can affect your beauty? Your life style has a great impact on your beauty. Keeping yourself beautiful has a lot of good implications – healthy, wellness, success at work and life.

1. Stress

2. Food

3. Drink

4. Exercise – keeping fit

5. (Excessive) Make-up use

6. Smoking

7. Your hygiene

8. Your Environment

9. Drug use

No one can make you beautiful except yourself. Others may faciliate the proces in a positive or most negative ways, but the decision is yours!

You are wonderful and beautifully made… keep it so if you have not started any of the bad habbits that negatively impact your beauty or stop if you have.

to be continued…

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